One of the most popular types of formal child care today in Banyo for parents is childcare Banyo facilities. It has been seen by a Child Care study that 37% of children in Banyo under 12 are enrolled in various childcare Banyo centres with 15% of school-aged children also attending childcare Banyo.

This said, are childcare Banyo the same? Or are parents given the option to choose the childcare Banyo program suited to their needs?


Types of Childcare


Parents can choose the type of childcare program suited to their convenience and budget. The different types of childcare include:


Neighbour, Friend, and Family Care

Unless a child is subsidised by the government, parents can choose this type of childcare. This type of childcare program is legally exempt from government regulations and requirements. It means that home childcare does not have to meet the training, safety, and health standards of the government.

The top reasons for many parents to choose this type of childcare include:

  • It offers the most affordable option
  • A neighbour, friend, and family is someone that parents trust and are comfortable with leaving their child
  • It offers flexibility in transportation and hours for working parents.

Parents choosing this type of childcare should remember to create an agreement with the caregiver to ensure that they are on the same page when it comes to providing the expected childcare outcome.


Family Child Care Homes

Following the minimum set of safety and health regulations is not required for family childcare home providers. However, it pays to check with your local Childcare Agency to see if a license to operate is a requirement for the provider.

The different names used by family childcare homes include:

  • Registered child care home
  • Licensed child care home
  • Neighbours, Friends, and Family care
  • Licensed family child care, home group
  • Certified childcare home
  • License or legally-exempt child care home

Many parents opt for the family childcare homes for:

  • Their flexible operation hours
  • The appealing home-like environment
  • Being able to accept siblings of different ages
  • The few numbers of children accepted under the care
  • The fewer adults caring for the children


Child Care Facilities

The larger-sized child care facilities allow them to enrol many children of all ages. They have multiple staff members and generally operate out of commercial or non-residential buildings.

Some child care facilities are not required to be licensed. The types of childcare facilities not requiring to be licensed, include:

  • Part-time childcare programs, including pre-kindergarten, preschools, and nursery.
  • Summer camps
  • School-operated childcare programs
  • Faith-based childcare programs
  • Before and after school-age childcare programs

The popularity of childcare centres as an option for parents include:

  • They often follow the regulations for safety and health standards
  • The classroom-like environment typically cares for children of the same age
  • The variety of opportunities and activities geared for the enjoyment and learning processes of children
  • The great number of caregivers present in the facility


School-age Childcare programs

Before and after child care are typically offered by school-age childcare programs. The different options for school-age childcare may include:

  • Childcare facilities
  • Local schools
  • Community-based programs
  • Churches
  • Parks and Recreation departments
  • Family childcare providers


Contact your local kindergarten in Banyo to know more.